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Privacy Policy


 Federal legislation requires that we notify our visitors of our privacy practices.

We do not sell or share visitor information submitted through the web site to anyone. Therefore, you do not need to do anything to prevent it from being shared.

Electronic Privacy Policy and Transaction Security

As providers of products and services on the Internet that involve compiling personal information, protecting the confidentiality of that information has been, and will continue to be, a top priority of the Advertising Media Credit Executives Association. We have taken measures to safeguard all the information we collect.

We are proud to offer the safety of online transactions and to help promote customer confidence in e-commerce.



It is our goal to make your visit to our web site and use of any available submission forms or on line e-commerce experience as secure, private, pleasant and satisfying as possible.


Purchase data submitted via the secure server order forms is encrypted prior to transmission and remains encrypted until authorized personnel at the Advertising Media Credit Executives Association access and decode it for processing. Your access to our secure server ordering system is clearly indicated by a gray information box appearing on your screen that states you are entering a secure area (unless you have disabled such notification on your browser). For further verification, your computer will show a padlock or key somewhere on your toolbar. When the padlock is closed or the key is unbroken, you are in a secure area and your submission can be made with complete safety.


The Advertising Media Credit Executives Association does not collect information to create mailing lists for resale. Secure information submitted is solely for operational needs to complete orders and for basic, mandatory accounting functions. The Advertising Media Credit Executives Association does not have access to any other site information and neither do other sites have access to ours.

We do not contact submitters or viewers unless requested to do so by those individuals requiring download clarification, other inquiries regarding our products or if complete information for accurate processing of a submission cannot be completed. Required fields to insure ability to follow-up if necessary are clearly marked on a form.

Information Collection

We monitor our site traffic. All information we gather from this system is completely of an anonymous nature. For example, we know the specific number of visitors to a specific page on a particular day, but have no idea and no way of identifying who they are or where they are from. While we know the number of visitors at a time of day, we do not know which parts of our site any specific visitor viewed or who these visitors are individually.

Information Use

Occasionally, we may place a questionnaire on our site. This data is solely for the Advertising Media Credit Executives Association to provide our visitors with product and service improvements. Respondents to questionnaires will not be contacted unless by their specific request. Personal identifying information will ONLY be released on receipt of appropriate documentation and authorization as required by law enforcement or judicial authorities in the event of an investigation involving illegal or criminal acts.

Link and Banner Security

It should be noted that companies placing links and banners on our site may collect information about you through the use of cookies. This can occur when you view or click on their links and banners. We cannot control this collection of information. If you have any concerns about this, we suggest that you view the privacy policies of the companies concerned.

Secure Server

Your on-line submissions are submitted via a secure server.


Choice and or consent for use of information is not necessary since we do not capture any information submitted on a form and provide it to any outside agency, commercial entity or organization. The information is only collected in order to fulfill submissions.