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Leonard Schwartz Award


In loving memory and honor of our true friend Lenny Schwartz, The Ace Award has been renamed the Leonard Schwartz Award.

The Leonard Schwartz Award was developed to formalize the sharing of best practices, enhance the educational forum at the annual conference, promote recognition of members and provide scholarship opportunities for conference attendance.

Members are offered the opportunity to share a practice, procedure or process that they have implemented that has had a positive effect on the productivity or efficiency in their department.

The contest procedure is a formalized process with rules and guidelines and the winning entries are determined by a vote of five judges. The names and publications of the contestants are not revealed to the judges until after the winners are announced.

The Grand Prize winner of the Leonard Schwartz Award receives a free conference registration, $500 travel reimbursement for the conference, and a $1,000 donation to their charity of choice, in the name of their publication. The AMCEA Board of Directors also uses the Leonard Schwartz Award as a means to provide the three scholarships to members. The next three top vote getters after the grand prize winner are awarded the scholarships. Each finalist’s supervisor is also notified that their entry had made the final cut and that the applicant would be recognized among their peers at the conference.

Leonard Schwartz Award Winners

2008 – Kent Treadwell, The Oklahoman
2007 – Mark Lee, Star Tribune
2006 – Mary Younger, The Courier Journal
2005 – Dee Stevenson, The Herald-mail Company
2004 – Kimberly White, Seacoast Newspapers
2003 – Janet Pose, The Hartford Courant