Helping To Improve the Understanding and Techniques of Media Credit Management




The Advertising Media Credit Executives Association is a non-profit organization that exists to serve the media credit manager. AMCEA is directed and managed by professionals just like you, media credit managers who volunteer for various projects to benefit the industry and our association.

The purpose of AMCEA is to improve professionalism in the credit management field through the exchange of ideas, education and training in business techniques.  We have enlisted the help of John Donne (1571 – 1631), an English philosopher, to summarize the values of joining AMCEA. In 1624 he wrote Devotions upon Emergent Occasions. At the time of his writing isolationism was fashionable in Europe. In the spirit of ending isolationism in media credit we have borrowed from John Donne for the membership recruitment brochure.

No one is an island, entire of itself; everyone is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away to sea, Media Credit is the less, . . .. Anyone’s non-participation diminishes me, because I am involved in the industry; and there-fore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

Membership in AMCEA (A Multi-Media Credit Association)

Membership in AMCEA includes an annual roster published in the Spring. The roster details member and company information: phone, fax and credit reference contact numbers, along with advertising systems hardware and software and parent company affiliation. Members enjoy a monthly newsletter covering recent legal issues, credit and collection techniques, and information exchange and updates on media industry events.  There are also educational events held quarterly of credit exchanges, seminars and webinars.  These events provide you with an opportunity to exchange credit information and participate in seminars and seminars from professionals in your industry.  Members also have access to the AMCEA website and emails to allow them to initiate and participate in survey questions along with seeing the final results.We invite you to join AMCEA.

The complete dues schedule is listed here for easy reference:

Membership Rates

New Members — $185

Print Media: Newspapers, Magazines and Direct Mail
A – $395 (Circulation 225,000 & Over)
B – $295 (Circulation 100,000 – 224,999)
C – $245 (Circulation 99,999 & Under)
D – $270 (Broadcast TV, Radio and Cable)
Z – $395 (Associate Members)

Additional Members — $170 (those having a reporting relationship to an AMCEA member)

To begin the application process, simply contact any one of the Officers of the Board of Directors.

The deadline for inclusion in the Roster is March 15.

We will include your information in the on-line Membership Roster located on this web site.

New Members joining will receive a free plaque.
Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for delivery.

If you have any questions please contact one of the officers on the Board of Directors.


Your access to the advertising media credit executive network.

This roster will become a key reference for you and your staff and it is now on-line!
By itself it is worth the price of membership! Each year AMCEA produces a new membership roster.  The deadline to be included is March 15.

Each member receives one copy; extra copies are available at an additional cost.  All of the information in the roster also appears on the web site.   Inside you will find direct telephone numbers to every credit manager in our association along with numbers for credit references and fax inquiries.  We also include their e-mail addresses and computer hardware and software information.

Using the roster to obtain credit references is only one of the benefits. Survey your peers to find answers to computer systems, credit policies, and procedures questions.

AMCEA members rarely begin a project at the bottom of a learning curve; we have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of association credit managers.

The Journal of the Advertising Media Credit Executives Association.

News & Views is the monthly email blast sent to members.  It covers the current trends and legal issues while offering tips on customer service, time management and collections.  We inform you of new technology working in media credit.  Articles are written by members or other professionals in our field.  Contributions from members are encouraged.


AMCEA conducts an annual conference in a different location each year.  The date and location is determined by the board of directors.  Featured are presentations on media credit management by experts from the Association and outside speakers.  General sessions at the annual conference are open to active and honorary members and guests invited by the Board of Directors.


The AMCEA website provides current information on membership, products, conferences and surveys. The site can be located at


You will be proud and we will be proud to include you in our membership. Membership Plaque — $35
Extra Rosters – $10

Membership Plaque

The plaque is free with your membership. It is solid walnut and laser engraved. Our gold filled logo accents your engraved name on this admirable testimony of your professional commitment.

As a member of AMCEA you are among an elite group of media credit executives. This elegant plaque is designed to express the high level of professionalism and adherence to established standards that AMCEA membership exemplifies. Please indicate how you want your name to appear and send your advertising resume examples, order and check, which includes shipping, to the AMCEA.