Helping To Improve the Understanding and Techniques of Media Credit Management



The Advertising Media Credit Executives Association was founded November 20, 1953, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A group of 21 advertising credit managers were founders of the organization. The First Annual Meeting of the AMCEA was held October 22, 1954, in St. Louis, Missouri. Sixty men were recognized as charter members.

The objectives of the AMCEA


To improve the professionalism, principles, understanding and techniques of media credit management by encouraging the exchange of ideas, methods and procedures within the membership.

To provide additional education and training in the business fundamentals of media credit and credit policies; and in the related areas of finance, accounting, law and economics for the purpose of enhancing the career development of the members.

To create a forum for credit exchange amount AMCEA members in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

To elevate and promote the position of credit executive as a professional and integral component within the advertising media industry.

To renew and develop the personal friendships and fellowships of its members and to expand their number and the confidence of one in the other as a vital necessity of credit management in the advertising media field.